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A fossil-fuel driven infrastructure drives the negative impact of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane) and the toxic build-up in the air, water and soil. Over the years, an accumulation of these emissions have led the world to the pressing issue of climate change. Rising temperatures, sea-levels and disrupted water systems are all evidence of these lasting effects.


Choosing renewable energy can have positive effects on the environment. Renewable energy is energy derived from natural resources such as sun and wind – they have the capacity to replenish themselves. Coal, oil and natural gas are not examples of renewable energy sources. One example is solar energy. It causes little, if no, environmental damage.


With the advent of solar power, India’s energy sector is changing at an unprecedented pace. The shift towards decentralisation and decarbonisation is creating new opportunities for India to balance its ‘Energy Trilemma’: Energy Security, Energy Affordability and Environment Sustainability. Electrobeam Solar is at the forefront of this movement. We are committed to changing the way businesses and institutions across the globe consume energy – to think beyond COST SAVINGS, think long-term Sustainability goals.


Founded by two partners in 2020, Electrobeam Solar is leading Solar EPC company in India, providing EPC services, project development, rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps.



Shining a Light on a Sustainable Future

our solar company offers a sustainable energy solution that not only lowers your carbon footprint but also significantly reduces your electricity bills, providing a win-win for both your wallet and the planet

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